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We select the best European Tube Radios. We restore them and we offer them for sale with six month Warranty and regular invoice.

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Fast and reliable repair and restoration of your own tube type radios. Improvement to connect your radio to digital devices, headphones etc. Free estimates.

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The sound beyond your imagination

It is not possible to imagine the warmth of the sound of these beautiful pieces, the scent of these woods and these waxes, the excitement that lights up our eyes the charm of a masterpiece from the past.

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Nordmende Carmen 58
Nordmende Carmen 58

Produced in 1958, the Carmen belongs to the Nordmende middle class tube radios. But what makes this Carmen 58 stick… Read More

Loewe Opta Venus 822W

The Loewe Opta Venus 822W, Loewe’s the top model after the Hellas, has a most beautiful casing. One of the… Read More

Grundig Konzertgerät 4085
Grundig 4085

As for the Grundig 4095 I would like to tell a brief history this cabinet design. Manufactured in 1956, the… Read More

Who we are

We arrive from different histories but we have 30 years experience in repair of antique radios and tube equipment.

Team Members

Giovanni Saoner


Founder – Electronic Technician

Giovanni (1958) lives in Venice, expert in electronics, he has been working in the radio engineering, electronics and applied IT fields for 40 years. He started his activity in a Minerva-Grundig repairing center and then went on independently. He inherited a strong need of attention of details and aesthetics from his impressionist painter father. This need mixes together with a habit for order and precision that is necessary for who works in the technology field. The result are the restoration works shown on these pages.



US Public Relations

Silvia (1990) lives in Long Beach, California where she is studying and working as Italian teacher at the California State University. She earned her M.A in American Studies from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and she has always had a strong passion for literature in general and especially American literature. She speaks English and German fluently.



Sound Designer

As composer and sound designer he realized elctroacoustic music productions and computer music for festivals, theather shows, museums, exhibitions and interactive performances.
He realized, among other things, projects for Maserati, Nissan, Emilio Pucci, the Science Festival, Cité Nationale de l’historie de l’immigration of Paris and for the Gamec- Museum of Contemporary Art of Bergamo.
He lectured and held seminars at the NABA – New Fine Arts Academy of Milan – at the G.Verdi conservatory of Como, at the SAE Institute of Milan, at the G.Verdi Conservatory of Milan, Aalto University of Technology of Espoo in Finland.




Anna (1985) lives in Venice and she’s passionated in photography since she was a child.
She grew up in a family environment that has enabled it to grow and experience this passion, always trying to improve;
She has pursued her enjoyment in photography both in the great space of the Nature and in the particullary of the objects: she likes to joke with colours, light and brightness and work to find an always unique balance into those things.
Photograph represents a privileged way to communicate her emotions and her point of view, she likes express herself throughout this form of art because she feel that’s a direct and free way to engage the viewer.




Where we live

Perhaps because we live in a ancient town we love collectors' items that have stories to tell